Is your rescue a puppy broker?

Shady individuals, bad breeders, puppy millers and even former pet shop owners are posing as animal rescuers, trying to cash in on the “rescue movement” by selling puppies to unsuspecting adopters who choose to adopt rather than buy a dog. These con artists are motivated by only one thing, their insatiable appetite for easy money.


Do not adopt/buy an animal sight unseen from someone you've never met. The so-called rescuer from TN pictured above sold these sick puppies at a CT fast-food joint. The puppies soon died of Parvo and the adopters also became unwitting victims of the out-of-state woman who fled with their money.

Does your rescue neglect its animals?

Some rescues don't put a dime into the health of their animals or time into socializing or temperament testing them to ensure they are a perfect fit for your family. Inadequate quarantine periods and improper vet medical treatment often results in sick and contagious animals. This neglect places an unexpected financial burden on adopters, who have a reasonable expectation of getting a healthy dog from an animal rescue.

Is your rescue an animal hoarder?

Rescue hoarders often procure animals from shelters or pounds whose euthanasia practices they disagree with or who are opposed to euthanasia under any circumstances. They often feel that any life, regardless of the quality of that life, is better than not living. Animals are often placed into far worse situations from where they came and some animals seized in raids are so neglected or ill, they have to be euthanized, defeating the whole purpose of rescuing them in the first place.
Anyone can call themselves a nonprofit without actually registering as one. Nonprofit and 'no-kill' does not mean legitimacy,
Avoid rescue groups that advertise nothing but purebred or “designer” puppies. The puppies are purchased from mills but described as "breeder surrenders."
Legitimate, reputable rescues ALWAYS spay and neuter animals before adopting them out, helping to reduce pet overpopulation!
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